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World’s First Online Configurable DC/DC Power Module 
See the world’s first Power Modules and IC’s that can be configured to meet your specific power requirements.  The 
mEZDPD3603AmEZDPD4506mEZDPD1620 are 3A, 6A and 20A programmable parts. This demo will show off how easy it is to program each part using the online tool.

USB-PD Power Delivery 
MPQ4230  is a buck-boost converter with 4 integrated power switches. The device can deliver up to 5A output current within a certain input supply range with excellent load and line regulation. The MPQ4230 is designed for USB power delivery (USB PD) application. It works well with an external USB PD controller through an I2C interface.

DC/DC Power Modules 
MPM  power modules  integrate a power IC, inductor, and selected passive components, and simplifies the design and layout. Our Monolithic IC integrates controller and power FETs on the same silicon die with minimized parasitic components. Our patented mesh-connect packaging and lead frame technology eliminate the need of the traditional bond wire connection making our modules cooler and more reliable.  The MPS module portfolio covers a wide range of output currents (400mA -200A) and wide input voltages (2.5V-75V), making it easy to choose the right module for any application.

48V-1V for COU/ASIC Power 
2-Stage Architecture includes 800W Module + Multi-Phase VR

All-in-One Flyback Controller 65W USB PD Universal Quick Charge Adaptor 
MPX2001  is an all-in-one solution flyback controller with primary and secondary control, and synchronous rectification. It combines four flyback ICs into one power IC with UL-qualified 4.5kVrms capacitive isolation. Multi-chip integration eliminates multiple passive components, resulting in PCB board space saving and a BOM reduction up to 50%. Advanced continuous conduction mode (CCM) secondary-side control improves dynamic performance and reliability over traditional solutions.

Worlds First Digital PFC/LLC Combo Configurable through a GUI  
HR1210 is a multi-mode PFC and current mode LLC combo controller, programmable through a UART interface. The power saving technology of the HR1210 optimizes the power supply design to achieve high efficiency all over the operating range.