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  • MPS Total Solution for Intel Embedded and IPC Designs
  • MPS offers a total solution for Intel 8th and 9th generation processors. MPS has leading edge digital multiphase controllers and monolithic power stages for (core, graphics, and SA ) as well as extremely small form factor point of load solutions for 3.3/5.0V, Chipset, and DDR Memory. MPS offers the smallest solution size in the industry while providing best in class performance.

  • USB-PD Power Delivery
  • The MPQ4230 is a buck-boost converter with 4 integrated power switches. The device can deliver up to 5A output current within a certain input supply range with excellent load and line regulation. The MPQ4230 is designed for USB power delivery (USB PD) application. It works well with an external USB PD controller through an I2C interface. 

  • DC/DC Power Modules
  • MPS’ power modules lead the industry in power density and performance. MPM power modules integrate a power IC, inductor, and selected passive components, and simplifies the design and layout. Our Monolithic IC integrates controller and power FETs on the same silicon die with minimized parasitic components. Our patented mesh-connect packaging and lead frame technology eliminates the need of the traditional bond wire connection making our modules cooler and more reliable.  The MPS module portfolio covers a wide range of output currents (400mA -200A) and wide input voltages (2.5V-75V), making it easy to choose the right module for any application.

  • Stepper Motor with Current Sensor
  • The MCS180X family are isolated bi-directional Hall effect linear current sensors for AC or DC current sensing applications. They provide a cost effective way to replace shunt, transformer, or optical isolated solutions for greater efficiency and smaller form factor. The MP6500 and MP6600 are designed to operate bipolar stepper motors in full, half, quarter, and eighth-step modes, with output drive capabilities of 35V at ±2.5A (MP6500) or ±1.5 A(MP6600). A STEP/DIR translator interface allows for easy design implementation. Fully automatic current decay modes provide accurate current regulation for reduced audible motor noise, increased step accuracy and reduced power dissipation.

  • Scalable 6A Synchronous Buck
  • The MPQ4436 is an upcoming automotive-grade low power DC/DC converter offering unprecedented high-efficiency power conversion in a scalable platform. This synchronous buck integrates MPS' signature low-ohmic power FET technology paired with a robust control architecture that easily scales from 6A up to 24A, and features EMI improvement techniques such as spread spectrum frequency modulation and symmetric input pin-out.